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Oil free air compressor features

Oil free air compressor features


The basic principle of oil free air compressors is that compression elements can perform dry operation without oil injection, meaning that there is no oil for sealing the guiding, compression elements and rotors. A special material is used for lubrication.

Features of oil free air compressor

  • No oil injected in the compression system.

  • The air compressor is environmentally-friendly, energy and cost saving.

  • Oil vapor bring risks, and the only choice for eliminating the risk of oil contamination is to use an oil free air compressor.

  • The oil free compressor is lightweight and compact due to the small size of the air cylinder.

  • It is well-balanced, with little vibrations and the noise value is about 70-82dB.

  • Small stroke volume of each single air cylinder allows an air inlet and outlet impulse no more than 1%, in which no pulsation dampener is required.

  • As the parts of oil free compressor is small-sized and light-weight, it is easier for users to maintain.

  • As the driving system requires no maintenance and will keep its air-tight seal permanent when being untouched, there is no need for an expensive stuffing box.

Applications of oil free air compressor


Applications in diverse air compression
● Compressed air for medical use
● Breathing air
● Air pressure system for water suppliers
● PET plastic bottles production
● Food and pharmaceutical packaging
● Control gas for industrial production
● Electronic products production

Applications in gas recovery
● Natural gas holder station
● Use of helium on leakage inspection and pressure test
● Medical hernia
● Volatile organic compounds generated in various processes
● Nitrogen used for rubber vulcanizing process
● Chlorine and fluoride used in high voltage power and refrigeration industry
● Carbon dioxide used in extraction process

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