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How to choose air compressors


Air compressors are important pieces of equipment as they are widely used in almost all sectors of industry, including petrochemical, metallurgical, mining, power sector, textile, light industry, pharmaceuticals, machine manufacturing, municipal construction, national defense and military applications.

As almost all factories are in need of an air compressor, here comes the problem: how to choose the right air compressor?


Cost of air compressor system

Air compressor efficiency
Compressor efficiency is generally defined as the ratio of compressed air output per kilowatt-hour, which focuses not on the surface data, but the actual operating results.

Total cost of maintenance materials
Focusing on a one–year or even three- year maintenance cost, rather than the amount for each part to be maintained.

Reasons for variable prices of air compressor

Components configuration
Use of various brands of key components leads to a big price difference.

Advancement of technology
Non self-designed and low R&D price products are prone to be eliminated.

Legitimacy of the production process
Those not being approved or illegally produced products might bring irreparable losses to the clients.

Important parameters

Which means the minimum pressure of compressed air, the commonly used units include Kg/cm2, Bar, Mpa, Psi.

Which refers to the maximum air consumption with the appropriate allowance considered and the often used units are m3/min and L/min.

Requirements of compressed air quality

Water vapor content
Dryness of compressed air with the dew point temperature being a commonly used term.

Oil content
Residual oil in the compressed air, with the commonly used terms being ppm and mg/m³.

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