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Locomotive air compressor customized for Romania clients

Greenair once provided a customized air compressor for the Romania Ministry of Railways to ensure reliable air source for the locomotive braking system. As there is only a narrow space inside the locomotive, which limits our dimension options, we thereby redesigned the overall structure of the air compressor to meet dimensional, voltage, frequency and operating system specifications according to the Romania Ministry of Railways' requirements. The Romania Ministry of Railways was quite satisfied with our solution and assigned us to manufacture more air compressors.

(CNPC) China National Petroleum Corporation Karamay oil field project

Over 200 air compressors have been used in the Karamay oil field since the cooperative relationship between China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and Greenair was established in 2008. Greenair air compressors feature stable operation and have been used for over 10 years and still deliver excellent performance.

Water-cooled air compressor designed for tropical areas

In 2012, a client engaged in the textile industry in various tropical countries contacted us for an oil-free and water-cooled air compressor. After knowing the demands of the client, we redesigned the air compressor according to the actual air consumption of the client and completed the installation and test run of the machine to meet their needs to great success.


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